Monarch Security Equipment
Monarch manufactuers The Prop Cop, Pro-pa-tector, Anti-theft Outboard Lock Adapter, The Steering Mate, and the The Steering Mate II


Upper and Lower CAM LOKS
For Locking Your Upper
and Lower Units

The "Cam Lok" now enables you to lock your upper and lower unit. It can be used in the water, during storage, or during transit. Due to its design this uhit is a superior theft deterent, making i the finest available on the market today. Our top of the line locks have one million more lock combin ations than all our competitors combined. The Cam Lok locking nut is made of heat-treated stainless stee and takes only a few minutes to install.

Can be keyed alike.

Upper Cam Lok

Lower Cam Lok


Anti Theft Locking System with the patented Anti-Twist Lock Adapter

Your stern drive is an easy, and profitable target for thieves. It can be removed from your boat in minutes. You can protect this valuable piece of equipment in seconds with one of Monarch's Anti-Theft Lock Adapters. The adapters lock to the stern after the removal of a nut and washer. Simply insert the adapter on the stud-with the flat side to the outdrive. The new nut (supplied) is put in place and tightened, and the adapter is then locked in place.

Your stern drive can be removed in minutes , prevent this with Stern Guard

Our Top of the Line Lock Adapter with the Superior Locking System has more than a million more combinations than all our competitors products combined.

The adapter housing and special nut are crafted from non corrosive 18-8 stainless steel, "O" rings, both front and rear, to assure a water-tight seal. The adapter comes with a special High Security Locking System, including a key as unique as a bank vault - with millions of combinations.


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