Securing and Mooring Products
Precision Machining, Quality Products Since 1958

Thank you for your interest in Monarch moor whips products... we are pioneers in the development and manufacture of securing and mooring systems. Monarch is the brainchild of a machinist/boater who knew he could find a better way to protect his investment than to subject it to constant battering dockside. He put his 35 years of experience to the task and developed the original Monarch Moor Whip. The machinist is still the sole owner of Monarch moor whips...and his personal attention still goes into every phase of production. We invite you to discover the peace-of-mind that thousands of your fellow boaters have been enjoying for years...the peace-of-mind that comes with a mooring that keeps your boat secure dockside.


Monarch Moor Whip
Sou'Easter Whip
Mini Whip
Yacht Tender Whip
PWC Whip

Prop Cop

Outboard Lock
The Stern Guard
Cam Loks
The Steering Mate
The Steering Mate II

Release & Board
Mooring Line Mate
Line Mate Junior
Dock Ladders
Hose Holder
Dock Fenders
Dock Fenders Caps
Piling Caps
Crazy Slat

PWC Davit
Lifting Harness
The Jet Whip
PWC Whip
The Jet Mate II
PWC Flag
Ski Flag


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